Journi Farris 

What up Tho!

Journi Erin Farris

AKA: Boss Lady.

Born in Atlanta Ga, but raised in the city of Douglasville. At an early age,  the parents of JOURNI noticed she was interested in music. Not only rap music but also classical, jazz, Gospel, and contemporary.  Her Father, A musician and artist himself,  sat Journi in his lap at the piano and played songs that his mother taught him at an early age. Journi would pick up the microphone and scream loud as she could, and sometimes she would repeat songs that she previously listened to on the radio, or television verbatim and at the age of 7, journi wrote her first verse to one of her Fathers song called Better than. Born number 6, of 6 other sisters and one brother, there was always love, support, and encouragement  from every area throughout the family. What are some of Journi's favorite artist? Well, Journi loves to listen to artist such as Jay Z, usher, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, and even her Father, who back in the day was called John E Knocker.


John E. Knocker a.k.a Daddy